4th Of July Love Triangle

Lançado em: 21 de setembro de 2016 por Taboo Passions
Part 1: Jackie Lin has not seen her step-nephew and sister-in-law in a long time. Since her husband had to go away on business for the 4th of July holiday she decided to spend the weekend with Freddie and Madisin. This horny Asian MILF doesn't take long before she seduces her favorite nephew. She taught Freddie how to fuck and please a woman a long time ago. She started playing with her pussy, while Freddie was watching. She knew exactly what she was doing and who was watching. She invited Freddie in to play with her. As things got heated Madisin heard the moaning and got turned on by seeing her hot young stepson pound his aunt's pussy. She watched as she fingered her pussy. Freddie fucked his aunt doggy style until he cums deep inside her pussy giving her a cream pie. Madisin realized that they stopped and quickly walked away and called them for dinner. Part 2 - Cougar MILFs Getting It On: The next morning Madisin confronts Jackie about her night last night with her son. Jackie laughs and ask Madisin if she watched and if she enjoyed it. Madisin and Jackie used to be lovers before Jackie married Madisin's brother. It did not take long before Madisin buried her face in Jackie's sweet pussy. Jackie and Madisin licked each other's pussy and then fucked each other on top of the kitchen counter. They were interrupted by Freddie and left Madisin wanting more! Part 3 - Mom, Son, Aunt Threesome: Later that day Madisin and Jackie were together in their satin nighties kissing and playing with each other. They had no idea Madisin's stepson Freddie was spying on them. He walked in the room and instead of being scolded he was asked to join them. These two horny MILF's gave him a double blowjob and then took turns fucking him. Freddie fucked his stepmom and aunt until he came all over their satin nighties. Happy 4th Of July!

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