Amateur Couples Showing Off Vol. 9

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Marijane and Mike are a great couple, and it's clear they have a lot of fun together too. How could they not? She's a gorgeous woman with a great body and he's a big guy with a meaty dick. She sucks her man and shows some great skills before sliding her shaved pussy down on his dick and riding him. Mike gets a little more hard with her, a hand on her neck, when he's fucking toward the goal. That goal is a cum load right in her mouth! Bailey is a sexy student with a slim bod and small tits, and a tight little pussy too. After getting a good look at everything Tom can't resist getting his cock out for her to suck, and she likes it! It's no surprise what was supposed to be a simple audition and interview becomes a great fuck, Tom just can't say no to a good tight little pussy like hers. She struggles to take it at first, but soon she's swapping between riding it and sucking him, finishing with a good load over her pretty face! Erin seems like a shy and sweet girl, but don't let that fool you, she's awesome when she gets a dick to play with. After watching her play with her pussy for a while Kurt is soon in there and giving her his boner, playing with her sexy tits and licking out her shaved pussy. Some 69 action and she's sliding down on him, riding his dick and getting it from behind, finally on her back and taking a load in her hot little mouth! They both had a great time, no doubt about that. Nicole is a very sexual woman with big tits and a tattooed pussy that she can't wait to share with Logan. Playing with her clit through her pantyhose she gets warmed up before sucking his cock and inviting him to come and slide inside, an offer he eagerly accepts. Tearing her pantyhose open he eases inside, fucking her on the couch before moving to the floor for some deeper thrusting. She loves it, especially the fresh cum pumping right into her mouth!

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