#Amateur Vol. 4

Lançado em: 19 de abril de 2023 por SHAUNDAMXXX
Scene 1: Shanice Luv & Shaundam- Shaundam met Shanice in the hotel lobby at the bar. She really talked a lot, but the whole time Shaundam was watching her lips wondering how they would feel wrapped around his cock. After a few drinks they went upstairs to his room to get to know one another better. Scene 2: Selena White & Shaundam- Shaundam's friend Selena White came over the other day. She just wanted to hang out and smoke a couple blunts. Shaundam had just gotten off of work so he went to take a shower, when he got out Selena couldn't keep her eyes off the towel wrapped around him. Shaundam finally decided to get in the bed that she was sitting on and let her see what was under that towel. Scene 3: Jane Judge & Shaundam- Jane Judge was counting down until the New Year and wanted to get blasted with Shaundam's big load at the strike of midnight. Scene 4: Katie Fun Lee & Shaundam- Katie Fun Lee loves to please, and when Shaundam asks she does it. She can take his dick how ever he wants to give it to her

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