Ariana Jollee's Fuck Me

Lançado em: 11 de junho de 2019 por Harmony Films
Filmed in the tropical surroundings of Lanzarotte, dirty slut Ariana Jollee hosts this hardcore flick, showing you her pleasures and desires in her perverted mind. Gorgeous Renee Richards, dressed in a fetish bikini, sucks and licks a studs pulsating dick while Asian cutie Libellue is getting pumped on a sex swing. This soon turns into an anal fucking four way; all holes are left gaping and hot spunk is splattered across the girls awaiting faces. Ariana shows you how talented she really is with two muscular men. Taking both cocks in her tight arse and wet pussy, she gets a joy ride she won't forget. Black beauties Jada Fires and Jasmyn Byrne turn up the heat on a sun lounger, getting fucked by a huge dick, they share his white creamy juice, they can get enough. Stunning Claudia Rossi show's she's not so sweet and innocent as she takes on two horny men in this double penetration scene. Claudia knows how to get her fix. Five Scenes in total you'll be begging for more.

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Renee Richards

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Claudia Rossi

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