Ashley Wolf Dumps the Old Man

Lançado em: 7 de janeiro de 2019 por Desert Wind Studios
The old man is pretty disappointed, he has shot three or four videos with this hottie and this time she wanted to shoot with her husband. We don't know why her husband has a big cock and the old guy can never get it up. Maybe that is the reason. Ashley and Kyle have a little make out session in the kitchen, move to the couch and Ashley cannot wait to pull his cock out and start sucking on it. She has a nice climax as he plays with her pussy and she sucks away on his cock. He gets up and sits on a stool so Ashley can get on her knees and suck away. They move to the bedroom and after sucking her pussy, Kyle rams his big cock in her tiny pussy. He fucks her while she is on her back, on her tummy and on top of him. Of course, he shoots a load on her tummy. Oh well, the old guy got to video the whole thing and edit it too.

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