Babes #4

Lançado em: 11 de março de 2003 por Hustler
Ever wonder what happens when a bunch of sluts go to Europe's hottest party destination and come face to face with a bona fide mystery? Let's be honest; we haven't either. In **Hustler's Babes #4**, the promise of intrigue leads a bevy of hot chicks on a steamy, carnal adventure to Ibiza, Spain. Now we're on to something. Everybody's wondered what it would be like to nail seven stunning porn starlets. **Hustler's Babes #4**, a big-budget, feature-length excursion into XXX action lays the scenario out in stunning detail. Want to touch, taste and feel hardcore paradise? **Hustler's Babes#4** is your blow-by-blow account of an excursion to carnal nirvana.

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