Black Is Better 10

Lançado em: 3 de agosto de 2020 por Babes
Tall brunette Ryan Keeley was hoping she would have a magical evening with her man as she slipped into sexy lingerie and a hot party dress, but her night hasn't gone as planned. As Riley slips into a tiny thong and a tight, little black dress, her mind runs over what her boyfriend Jonathan might have planned for the Valentine's Day surprise he promised her. The slender blonde loves her man, but lately she's been fantasizing about his best friend, Isiah, and she's grateful Jonathan was so understanding when she confessed her crush. When Lily finds out that her favorite athlete, Nat Turnher, is going to be at a club she frequents, it's the perfect excuse to "accidentally" run into him. It's not the first time that they've met, but she's hoping it'll be the time that sticks. Alina is an intern at a law firm where one of the partners is a notorious hard-ass. For some reason, all that gruffness and anger disappears when it comes to Alina, as he's nothing but sweet and charming when it comes to their interactions. When Alina boldly visits the home of her crush under the guise of borrowing some notes from school, she has no idea the kind of wild ride she's about to go on. Greeted at the front door by a bizarrely stoic, older gentleman (Jos Lescaf), Alina meets her crush's father for the first time.

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Henessy, Joss Lescaf