Candy Snow

Lançado em: 12 de julho de 2016 por Rodney Moore Clips
This is only cutie Candy Snow's 2nd video. She talks to Rodney about how much she loves sex, how she loves doggy style, and how she's really loud in bed. Rodney asks about her hair color. She says it's natural and she can prove it too. She pulls down her panties, and sure enough, the carpet matches the drapes!Rodney explores her gorgeous body with his hands and then his tongue. Soon she's on her knees sucking his cock. Then Rodney decides to try some of her favorite positions. He throws her legs over her shoulders andd rills her hard. He gets her on her knees and bangs her doggy-style. He flings her around in lots of different positions before unleashing a huge wad of cream across her face.

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