Cum For Cover 3

Lançado em: 6 de outubro de 2008 por Jules Jordan Video - Raul Cristian
Jules, you're a genius. Hats off to Jules Jordan Video for this scorching hot romp! Have you been searching for a video that gives you Just Oral? Welcome to Seven scenes of over three hours of amazing and entertaining blow jobs!!! You get to witness a bevy of Multiple Facials! These truly are Spunk Sluts Who Like It Rough and are ready to drain and siphon the sperm reserves directly from your sack!! Jasmin is hot and loves to please the boys. Sandra Parker knows how to handle multiple dicks at once. Sofia Valentine gets her "Member"ship in the all cock in the mouth club. Angela Winter mixes it up with a bevy of hung studs. Lia Fire is surrounded by shaft. But come on ya'll, you gotta have a little love for the Hungarian hottie **Ginna Brigitta**, who spreads those white thigh boots for some pussy licking, cock sucking explosiveness that pushes this movie over the edge and into the volcano! Don't run for cover, Cum for Cover!

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