Curious Schoolgirls

Lançado em: 6 de setembro de 2019 por SV Entertainment
Liz just found out that her best friend Lilyan had not yet had some action with another girl. Lucky for them that they are already together on the bed and to make it even easier this two naughty girls don't even wear panties under their school uniform. Liz makes a move on Lilyan, who is a bit shy at the beginning, but soon she also licks and sucks her friend's nipples and pussy. Both have a lot of fun experimenting until Liz's step brother Jak catches them in the act. Lilyan however is so horny that she grabs his cock and also leads embarrassed Liz to start playing with her step brother's big boner. Liz is impressed by the size but as they are family she only sticks with sucking and lets Lilyan have a ride. After some hot fucking Jak shoots not only one but two loads at them which the girls nicely licked from their faces and swallowed.

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