Daddy Dearest

Lançado em: 1 de junho de 2020 por Lakeview Entertainment
Mistress Alexis takes out her daddy issues on a lucky slave bound to the bed. She works him over for 42 minutes and he finally erupts in her hand against her soft breasts. Don't tell mommy, but she fucks him up the ass and rides him forward and backward, using his cock in her pussy. Then he rims her ass out after promising to buy her a new car. His cock gets beaten and his nipples get stretched before she is done. Gorgeous blonde Mistress Alexis stands holding a crop and wearing a skin tight short black dress gazing down at the slave bound spread eagle to the bed. She has some serious issues with her new daddy, and she starts to humiliate him. She crops his balls and clamps his nipples before making him beg to have a taste of her beautiful pussy. There is lots of teasing, and she gets wet from the slow build up and has to start using a vibrator over his face with one high-heeled foot planted on daddy's chest. She plans on fucking him up the ass, so she inserts a big butt plug into his ass and whips his cock a bit. The daddy/daughter dance will not be the same as she heaps ridicule on him and keeps his cock stiff and at attention with her skilled mouth. More nipple clamps and cock beating mixed with the pleasure of this ultra fine, long-legged busty blonde Mistress getting off on daddy discipline. How much can daddy take is the question as Mistress Alexis peels her top off and slides onto daddy's cock. He is rock hard and she is going to fuck him for all he is worth. So wrong it is right as she orgasms on his cock. She dismounts and turns, teasing him with her world class ass, and then she drops straight down on his turgid member and fucks him deep and slow. Turning again she starts to mess with his mind even more and discusses how they might stay up at the cabin and spend the next few days with her riding his cock while mom is not around. He is going mad as she dismounts from his stiff cock. She tells him he must rim her ass to perfection and buy her a new car before he will be allowed to orgasm. He dutifully licks her gorgeous asshole clean as she grinds it on his mouth. She moves over him now with a strap-on. She fucks him up the ass, verbally humiliating him the whole time. Removing her top, she finally milks out a big load onto her breasts and then he is obliged to eat his cum off.

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