Damsel In Distress 235 - Cat And Mouse

Lançado em: 14 de outubro de 2010 por Red MILF Productions
Rachel came home from work late. She entered her empty house because she lived alone. She set her purse on the table and turned around. A man clad in all black with a red shiny mask on was just standing there. Rachel froze for a second and then she screamed. Her mind had to process what she was seeing. She ran away from him, but he blocked her way. He took her arm and pulled her close to him wrapping his other arm around her waist. Rachel fought. The man just let go of her. She tried to run away but he kept chasing her. He tied her wrists. Then let her try to escape again. The man took her to the couch and had his way with her, He XXXX his dick in her mouth, and he pulled her tits out and played with them. He laid her back and licked her clit for several minutes, XXXX Rachel to cum against her wishes. The man tasted her juices and bent her over the arm of the couch. Rachel took a good hard fuck. He sat her down and licked her pussy; Rachel refused to cum for him so she kicked him with her boot and ran again. He played cat and mouse with her all night, and then he would fuck and suck her. (Simulated intercourse)

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