Damsel In Distress 606 - Back Road Mayhem

Lançado em: 23 de novembro de 2020 por Red MILF Productions
Rachel traveled to distant remote areas for her company. She was close to retirement and fed up with the on the go lifestyle. One more sale and she was done. She rented a car and set out to the mountains. The GPS unit began to lose its signal. She was frustrated as she was now on a dirt road and nothing else in sight. All of a sudden she heard a loud bang. Her car began to shake, she had blown a tire. Rachel pulled over to see if she could reach her auto club. No cell signal. Pissed off she slammed the door and began to walk. She walked for miles finally stopping to rest when a man drove up. She was scared but glad. He asked where her car was. As she turned her back to point, he put a soaked rag over her mouth and struggled with her until she gave out. He dragged her to the back of the truck and tossed her in. When Rachel got up she was stripped and in a swing type apparatus hanging from the rafters. She was weak from whatever he had given her. He had a black mask on and was rubbing his cock. Rachel pleaded with him to take her money and let her go. He told her he put spikes in the road and watched her as she walked for help. He had done this to other woman. Rachel felt a chill run up her spine. The man began to unzip and pushed his cock in her mouth. He spun Rachel around into different positions. When he was satisfied groping and face fucking her he spread her stocking legs and fucked her until leaving a huge load on her face. Rachel thought she could go and she tried to get up to walk, she collapsed on the floor and covered in cum. The man added her to his collection of other travelers he had stashed in his basement.

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