Extreme Restraints

Lançado em: 11 de outubro de 2018 por Amber Michaels Productions
I never get enough of getting tied up. And this time is no different. The masked man comes in while I am posing in my sexy micro bikini and takes a cleave gag and yanks it back tightly. He ties it behind my head nice and strict. I can barely whimper much less talk. He proceeds to take more and more rope binding my wrist, arms and makes sure my elbows are touching together behind my back. I am laying on the floor as more rope is strongly applied. My ankles are crosses and I am yanked in a very strict and strong hogtie. I am left there to try to struggle for your enjoyment. I am training to be an ultimate submissive slave. You will enjoy every tight rope, the very strict hogtie and the fact I am helpless to escape. It is a must see for all bondage and damsel in distress lovers.

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