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I see so many scruffy 20 somethings darken my doorstep, so it was a breath of fresh air to have a fit, mature, Chilean MILF dressed to the nines come into my office. Tara was tall, tanned, with a great set of fake tits. Let's just say she turned me right on. She is a porn actress based in the States and heard that the adult industry was on the rise in Britain and was seeking to add to her porn portfolio. Well, something was definitely rising and it was in my pants. So after telling her about my wonderful agency I got my fingers to work. Fair do's this chick had a lovely wet pussy which I simply couldn't wait to get my cock into. But, I had to test drive her cock sucking skills first, which she gave a very tentative loving suck. Then I get stuck right into her pussy. But I then wanted more... So I promised to stick her to the top of my list if I could fuck her arse. Sale agreed, I was in up to my nuts in her arse. Though as good as it felt, I thought I needed to get back into her pussy and fill it full of spunk. So I got her on top, where she rode the fuck out of me until I emptied my bollocks right up her pussy. A good day's work if I don't say so myself.

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