Foster Tapes Vol. 4

Lançado em: 3 de maio de 2022 por Team Skeet
Foster Candidate Kamryn Jayde has recently been adopted and taken in by a single Foster Father. She loves her new Foster Father, but she longs for a female presence in her life. Her Foster Father asks his close family friend, Lisey Sweet, to step in and fill that role. Soon, Lisey and Kamryn get so close that they express physical affection to each other openly, and in some cases, in front of Kamryn's Foster Father. Case filed by Social Services Agent TS. Kenna James is used to stealing to survive, so when she gets adopted into a new wealthy foster family, she's ready to do her thing. This time though, foster parents Lisey Sweet and Johnny Castle catch her in the act, so they sit her down and tell her they're willing to give her all the money she wants, only if she's willing to submit to their needs. After adopting Jazmin Luv, her new Foster Mother, Aiden Ashley, learns about her sexual past. To make sure history doesn't repeat, Aiden's new foster parents welcome her to the family with a physical bonding session. Foster family deal can go into kinky fantasy real fast. Sheena Ryder and Jenna J Ross please Johnny Castle and each other.

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