Kasarna Bi The Road

Lançado em: 3 de fevereiro de 2006 por William Higgins Productions
Once again, international filmmaker Williiam Higgins has fashioned another free-wheeling grand tour through the erotic world of Eastern Europe, where anything goes! In Kasarna Bi The Road, his first bi-sexual film since the hugely popular Inn Bi The Road, he takes us into the secret world of the military base (Kasarna in Czech) and reveals a whole new meaning to the phrase "military service". From its opening scene, a physical exam in the infirmary, to the hour-long orgy finale with the camp's nurses, every uniform fantasy you can imagine is brought to life by a handsome cast of sexually uninhibited Czechs. In this man's army, the object of one's affection is not limited to the opposite sex - or to the same sex, for that matter. And when there are not enough women to go around, these raw recruits are just as happy to lend each other a helping-hand and release their built -up tensions by making love not war. With a cast that includes four dazzling newcomers and a host of familiar favorites, Kasarna Bi The Road captures no-holds-barred sexplay where a partner, no matter which sex, is just the thing for building morale and bonding these hot young soldiers into a buddy brigade.

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