Lesbian Adventures: Older Women Younger Girls Vol. 16

Lançado em: 26 de janeiro de 2022 por Sweetheart Video
Julia Ann enters Penelope's bedroom upset, explaining her laptop battery was dead so she used Penelope's laptop. Juia admits that she saw her open messages about having a crush on her and admits she has the same feeling for her stepdaughter, so their lesbian fantasies come true! Sera is upset over her break-up and her step-mom Kayla is her to do more than just console her step-daughter. Sera asks if they can be more than just friends. Kayla loves the idea and it begins with a passionate kiss. They two move into the bedroom for more! London River is proud of her step-daughter Lily Larimar. Lily convinces her step-mom to stay longer in her new place so they can reconnect their affair that they were having when Lily lived at home. Lily reminds her she lives on her own now and they kiss and reconnect their lesbian ways. Evelyn Claire is taking selfies in her bedroom, wearing sexy lingerie and gets caught by RayVeness. Evelyn explains she an 'influencer' and MILFs are a big hit with younger girls on the internet. RayVeness is persuaded to get photographed with her step-daughter in bed! Evelyn thinks her step-mom is hot and puts the moves on her!

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