Load in Every Hole 13, A

Lançado em: 27 de julho de 2005 por Kick Ass Pictures
CREEPY GUYS SCORE! Each Girl Takes Internal Cum Shots In Her Pussy, Ass And Throat! If you're a creepy guy - admit it, you know if you are - then you need to do what the three heroes of this film did. Set yourself up as a "modeling agency" and place an ad in the local paper. Beautiful girls will show up at your doorstep. They'll be so anxious to become the next supermodel that you'll be able to talk them into almost anything. Our creepy heroes talked these sluts into taking cock in every hole, then just blasted their loads inside them. Oops! Watch & learn, son. You'll be amazed at how easy it is. This video will change you from a loser into...well, a loser who gets laid a lot!

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