Mom Has A Huge Rack #9

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So Cody Carter got me all the way over here to tell me that he is my biggest fan ever. Which is awesome because I love my fans! But I think Cody has me confused with some one else. He thinks I worked with Jenna Jameson for fucks sake. I think I know how to make Cody into my biggest fan though. Once I take Cody's cock for a ride between my huge tits and ride him till he explodes in my pussy then he'll be my biggest fan. Cody is never gonna forget the day he met his favorite porn star. "On one hand I want to be the supportive wife and go with my husband, Logan Pierce, to this boring dinner party. But on the other hand I am really fucking horny and all I can think of is Logan's cock in my mouth and pussy. A little tear in my pantyhose will get him interested in me and less interested in his lame dinner party. And after that, all I have to do is spread my legs, show Logan my wet little pussy and he'll forget all about this stupid dinner, which I'm going to make him totally late for anyway!" Explore and indulge in the personal sex memoirs of the stunning Dee Williams. The hottest milf any man has ever known and she's sexier than ever. "I told the guys at Porn Star Platinum to book me another scene with Brad Newman. After my mouth had a whole lot of fun on his cock, my pussy wanted to get some action too. I'm sure glad I got to have Brad again because that dick pounded my holes real good. That's the reason I got into this biz. To have cocks like this one pumping away in my wet pussy and luscious mouth. "

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