Mr. Skin's Greatest Group Shower Scenes

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Did your high school locker room come equipped with a peep hole to ogle the girls as they soaped up en masse? If it didn't-- or even if it did-- see what you've been missing with the Greatest Group Shower Scenes in SKINema history as chosen by Mr. Skin himself. Because if there's anything better then a sexy naked woman all slippery and soapy in the shower, it's a whole room full of 'em: Kicking things off is the peep hole scene that's produced more wood than a thousand lumberjacks: **Kaki Hunter** and friends soaping up in Porky's (1981). Next, we've got the highly SKINticipated full-frontal nude debut of comedienne **Sarah Silverman** (along with her equally naked pals **Michelle Williams** and **Jennifer Podemski**) in Take This Waltz (2011), **Uschi Digard** baring fluffy muff and massive mammaries with two fully nude friends in the WIP flick Prison Girls (1972), **Dina Meyer** and her dinner-plate nips getting wet in the co-ed shower in Starship Troopers (1997), **Holly Madison** saving water by showering with her friends **Kendra Wilkinson** and **Bridget Marquandt** on The Girls Next Door (2005) **Patrice Rohmer** leading a full-frontal assault on their equally naked male counterparts in the shower in Revenge of the Cheerleaders (1976), big-breasted babes **Linda Blair** and **Sharon Hughes** fulfilling the group-shower quotient (and how) in the WIP classic Chained Heat (1983), and the similarly stacked **Lynda Wiesmeier** and her gal pals doing the same--but in a high school, not a prison, this time-- in Private School (1983). Next we've got famous lesbian **Anne Heche** enjoying the boobs-- er, view-- in a Sapphically-inclined shower scene from Girls in Prison (1994), tough gal **Wendy Williams** and her all-girl gang showing off their branded butts in the shower in Reform School Girls (1986), **Rachel Shelley** confronted by a full-frontal prison dyke as she shows some sacks and snatch of her own on The L Word, **Julianne Moore**, **Alice Braga**, and **Yoshino Kimura** having a laugh as the shower together in Blindness (2008), **Lina Romay** getting an orgasmically good girl-girl scrub down from **Tania Busselier** that leads to a gyno-tastic cat fight in Ilsa: The Wicked Warden (1980), **Michelle Michaels** soaping up her T&A in the locker room in Slumber Party Massacre (1982), timid little **Jessica Chastain** showering under the leering eye of a butch guard in a prison shower scene from Jolene (2008), an unbelievable parade of untamed '70s bush as **Erica Gavin**, **Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith**, and **Juanita Brown** and more soap up in Caged Heat (1974), **Olga Kurylenko** at the center of a gaggle of naked girls in a steamy group shower scene from The Ring Finger (2005), **Edy Williams** and **Marcia Karr** back for more lesbian rack-tion in another scene from Chained Heat (1983), **Melissa Anne** Moore spraying herself down in a room full of babes baring T&A in Angelfist (1983), '80s babes **Michelle Bauer**, **Suzanne Ager**, and **Dori Courtney** with a SKINgenious solution to sharing a shower in Camp Fear (1990), **April Flowers** showing off her bubble butt, ittie bitties and tramp stamp in the shower with big-breasted **Charity Rahmer** in Cheerleader Massacre (2003), and finally, an absolutely stupendous lesbian shower makeout between prison guard **Aaron Lloyd** and a completely nude inmate in a steamy scene from the Red Shoe Diaries.

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