Nasty Girls 4

Lançado em: 28 de abril de 2003 por Anabolic Video
Buffy proudly brings you ten delectable, delicious dykes. **Nasty Girls #4** starts off with SHARON KANE and TRACY PRINCE showing us some intense carpet munching as these brats get nasty in the classroom! Then hold on as energized WOLFE and KEANNA bounce around on a once big double-headed dong; followed by LESLIE and BRIGETTE getting busy with some serious dildo action themselves. Then we go for a little walk on the wild side with the brightly colored duo of RED MADONNA and GREEN MINERVA who show a lustful appreciation for whipped cram. Last, but not least, BUSTY BELLE and KRISTALL have a very hot, very real lesbian encounter and the strap-on action just adds to an already excellent scene! Enjoy!

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Keanna, Wolff Bane

Cena3: 00:43:02 - 01:07:47 (24:45)


Leslie, Brigette

Cena4: 01:07:56 - 01:27:37 (19:41)


Minerva, Red Madonna

Cena5: 01:27:47 - 01:55:57 (28:10)