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Who says that men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses? A fantastic selection of today's top porno babes - gals like Leah Caprice, Michelle B and Victoria Brown - look classy in their glasses, but shag like the cock - crazy sluts they really are! First off, bespectacled babes Hannah and Suzie enjoy a girly chat and some hot lezzer action in the bedroom. Then they are joinedd by horny Ian, who gets a double fuck to remember. Spunking on Suzie's bins at the end! Demetri's bird Leah is a busty beauty in a business suit and glasses. When he gets her alone in their new flat, he decides to christen the place with a red hot spunkfest that leaves her deep drilled and sperm - splattered. Horny workmen Danny and Jay are caught slacking by bossy blonde Michelle B. She gives them a good ticking off, but they get their own back by doing her in the pussy and arse at the same time and drenching her sexy specs in ball juice! Busty redhead Viola is next and she really does look hot in her business suit and old fashioned glasses. Her boyfriend tell her they've landed a big new contract and they celebrate with a blistering fuck in multiple positions, ending with a very messy facial. Finally, Gorgeous porno slut in glasses Victoria Brown goes around the pub with a guy from work. The barman slips her an aphrodisiac called a screaming fanny and she turns into a raving nympho, servicing their two cocks in a hot and hard DP session!

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Victoria Brown