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First we have a point of view scene of Mistress Gianna, BIG TIT AMAZON and ruthless DOMINATRIX. She spanks and jiggles her cheeks while telling you how she's going ot smother the life out of you. She pulls aside the stripper thong and gives you just a peek at her pink twat, then bunches into a barrage of harsh FACE SLAPPING. She leads her favorite slave, Jonesy, to the bed by making him follow her ass. "In my ass...ALWAYS!" she demands and the wimpy slave does his best to comply. But it takes a lot to satisfy Mistress Gianna, and she lashes out with both RIDING CROP and her wicked tongue. She rides Jonesy's face while whacking him with the crop. If he dares take a breath without her permission (which she rarely gives) she beats him savagely on his legs, torso and head. Then she rolls him over, sits on the back of his head and beats his ass. She gets naked and stuffs Jonesy's head into her pussy, denying him oxygen long enough to risk brain damage. "Wouldn't it be any man's dream to die under a big ass?" she asks. Poor Jonesy can only grunt in reply, crushed under her weight. She makes him stroke his cock inside his shorts while delivering searing pain with the riding crop all over his body. In Part Two, we introduce newcomer MISTRESS JAMIE ELLE. A cute, 21 year old bundle of playful energy with a elf-like voice and a real need of getting her asshole tongued. She spreads her cheeks for you in a HOT POINT OF VIEW camera angle, and you get to dive in until her anus consumes your vision.

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