Nineteen Video Magazine 30

Lançado em: 22 de fevereiro de 2019 por Dane Productions
Scenes Include =============== Borderline Pedophiliac ------------------------------------- (Mazzy Paige / Rod Fontana) This poor Joe has a sickness that consumes his every waking moment - barely legal pussy. He has been diagnosed as a borderline pedophiliac... Shit, I wonder if that's my problem too. Is there a cure? Watch and find out! True Confessions ------------------------------ (Paisley Adams / Bunny Luv) Bunny and Paisley give us a full confession of how they got into the adult business... Their scene together is truly memorable. Pop Around the Corner --------------------------------------- (Summer / JJ Michaels) Pop around the corner. Billy's got a boner... Poor, poor Billy. He thinks his rubber fuck doll is real. When his dad catches him fucking his rubber girlfriend he really gets upset. Don't blame Billy though, he thought it was his girl!!! Death Be Not Proud ----------------------------------- (Mirage / Dave Hardman) He lost his young wife to cancer. He took to drinking... His dreams had crumbled to nothing. Life didn't seem worth living anymore... She had to tell him to let go, even if it meant coming back from the grave!

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