Perversions Of The Damned

Lançado em: 1 de junho de 2001 por Private
Frank Thring, the king of kink, is at it again, this time on location in San Francisco as he weaves a wickedly tantalizing tale of PERVERSION OF THE DAMNED. In search of a long-lost book which promises to conjure the Devil himself, an evil Satanist resorts to murder, mayhem and the sexual corruption of innocents who might stand in her way. Boasting a cast of over twenty, this high-fashion fetishistic feature contains all the PRIVATE hallmarks--a seventeen person orgy, multiple anals, facials, etc., with performances by an international cast that includes Alexandra Nice, Penthouse centerfold Amber Michaels, Latin lovely Alexis Amore, the outrageous Olivia, Allysin Embers and many more. Damned if you do, damned if you don't!

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