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I was walking around the film studios in the city, looking for famous people to record on camcorder. I noticed a young looking women sitting on the public bench and I asked her if she was an actress. She told me that she had been in a few movies but only as an extra. I commented that she had a really pretty face and she should think about being a model. She a little unsure at first, but she decided that she would be happy to show me her figure at first before deciding to go the extra mile and show me her tits too. Now that I had that on tape, I could blackmail her into anything I wanted. I told her that she should be a porn star. She flatly refused, but when I told her I would send the video of her getting her tits out for me, she changed her mind very quickly. Catlin had no choice but to get on her knee's and suck my big dick. I told her that I wanted more than a blowjob, She ended up being bent over and fucked her hard before cuming over her 18 year old ass. -- Public Agent

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