Pussyman's International Butt Babes

Lançado em: 5 de fevereiro de 2001 por Feline Films
A movie about the making of a movie. A spectacular idea, especially when it comes to the Pussyman. Watch as voluptuous Sana Fey, Pussyman's Number 1 Pussygirl, and producer Spielburg send hot and nasty models from all around the world to visit and audition for Pussyman. Tremendous superstars such as French Dolly Golden, Hungarian Sophie, Britain's Layla Jade, Polish-Canadian Envy and Asian Kianna team up with America's Sana Fey and Vivian Valentine to steam up the screen. Pussy jewelry, butt licking and fucking, teasing and camera interaction - all amidst the Pussyman Mansion. Bringing it back to what it's all about - pussy between two gorgeous buns!

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