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Blond hunk Scott Davis wakes up with TJ Hart and she is eager to help him take care of his morning wood. Afterwards, Scott goes to the library so he can work on a big term paper. It turns out the term paper is on bisexuality and as he is studying, the library fills up with a bunch of hot students. With all the talking and flirting, Scott can barely focus on his work. He starts to daydream about everyone hooking up and soon he is sucked in to his fantasy of a bisexual orgy where anything goes. Scott wakes up from his daydream and is shocked that he was fantasizing about sex with guys. Janis Jones starts to flirt with Scott in the library and he's into her, but then she suddenly turns into super hung porn stud Spike. As he is leaving the library, Tina Tyler, the naughty librarian, asks him about his studies and admits to him that she's bisexual. Tina invites Scott back to her place saying she could teach him a thing or two and Scott gets a lesson in bisexuality that he won't forget.

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