S.M.U.T. 10

Lançado em: 7 de setembro de 2006 por Elegant Angel
The title says it all! Once again, we take you outdoors . . . but even though we're in the open air, we still get as nasty as ever. These sexy sluts have absolutely no shame! Porn superstars Tabitha Stevens, Kary Evers, Cassandra Knight, Amber Micheals, Timber and Mikki Taylor bare it all and go the extra mile in search of the ultimate sexual experience, licking, sucking, and getting fucked by one huge hard cock after another. Porn veteran Ron Jeremy is here, too, to show these girls exactly what a real man wants -- service with a smile! The action's non-stop all along the way so sit back, strap yourself in, and let these girls take you for one wild ride you won't forget. . . .

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