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Marco's neighbors were complaining about this girl Briana Banderas who had rented his apartment for a week. They said she was constantly partying and he had to put to stop to her reckless behavior. He came back from his business trip two days early and caught her sleeping with no panties on in a trashed apartment. She quickly took off to the shower to escape a confrontation, but she must have wanted to smooth things over so the next thing he knew she was giving him a show with her sexy young body, lathering up her tits, ass, and stomach, then beckoning him to join her for a wet and wild blowjob. Suddenly he didn't mind how dirty it was in her bed as she took his dick down her throat and he slapped his cock on her tongue. Next this girl climbed on his cock and showed him just how hard she parties. Briana can really shake her ass as she's taking dick in doggystyle, and for a dirty girl, she made sure not to spill a drop of Marco's jizz! This blonde European beauty, Dido Angel, wanted to rent Erik's apartment for the month to be close to the nightclubs. Then she springs it on him: she wants a discount. He figured she was one of these girls who thinks she can have anything she wants because she's pretty, but Dido surprised him: she showed him she understood a thing or two about pay-for-play when she lost her top and showed him her tits. That was good enough for a ten percent discount, but Dido wanted more, so she dropped her shorts. Suddenly he had this lithe girl with flawless skin stripped to nothing but her high heels crawling over to give him a blowjob. Erik knows there are landlords who offer deals on rent in exchange for sex, but Dido was the one driving a hard bargain, when she wrapped her pussy around his cock and demanded he give her a discount on doggystyle. As long as Dido keeps putting out, he'll let her stay as long as she wants! Today, there is a special Russian treat coming in to visit the apartment - Kandy Kors! Visiting Budapest for a few days, she's looking to rent a place but isn't looking to spend too much money. With a little help from our translator, Kandy is willing to take some photos and maybe even masturbate for a 50% discount! But when our crew hands her a nice vibrating toy, this seductress with a wicked smile eagerly gets talked into doing a little more to stay 100% free of charge! She puts her pierced tongue to use, slowly sliding it along Matt's cock as she smiles and giggles. The laughing and constant smiling is a sure sign that Kandy is the kind of girl that enjoys her job. However, the giddiness quickly turns to moaning and gasping when she gets bent over in her favorite positions to fuck her way into staying at the apartment! Renato has received noise complaints about Suzy Rainbow from the other tenants of his building. When he goes to see her to give her a fine, Suzy tries to argue her case and insists she is not responsible for the noise. While she's talking to her landlord, her girlfriend Lucette Nice sneakily fingers her behind the door! When Renato finally walks away, Suzy lets herself go and has a screaming orgasm! Of course Renato hears it and returns to the apartment as this constitutes an irrefutable proof of her being responsible for the noise. Doing so, he catches the lesbian couple in action! They invite him inside so he can judge for himself how loud they really are as they lick and finger each other's dripping wet pussies! Then, they take turns sucking his big hard cock before pulling him into a hot threesome that is bound to convince him to let them get away with just a warning! Alyssia Kent can't keep it together. She's out of work, running low on funds, and has dropped out of contact with friends and family. But she's also a terrible renter. She's months behind on payments, is loud all hours of the night, and has even damaged a few items within the building... To be honest, the place is a mess! It's starting to smell, she has a dog (which was not allowed on the lease), and Mike is fed up. He wants her gone... But Alyssia is stubborn and refuses to leave. She's also devious, and knows how to use her body and looks to get what she wants! Unfortunately, our renter does not put up with any kind of that sexual peddling. Alyssia is gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but money is money... Instead, Mike has brought in a new tenant - Chris. Hopefully this will be a rude awakening for Alyssia and she'll either get her act together or pay up, or she'll leave in a huff. Or maybe this deviant succubus will find a way to make sure that if Chris cums, she stays!

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