Sexy Reunion

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My Good Friend Montse had come to visit me from Spain, It had bee so long since we had seen each other and we were keen to get reacquainted and we were soon kissing and caressing on the bed before stripping off to reveal our sexy lingerie, and it wasn't long before I had her tits out and started sucking on her nipples making them nice and hard, then she returned the favour and started sucking on my nipples then our hands started to wander rubbing our pussies and I soon had Montse panties off and started fingering her juicy cunt, but I wanted a taste so she lay back and spread her legs and I slid between them and gorged myself on her succulent pussy burying my tongue deep before finger fucking her, my turn now and Montse slid my panties off and spread my pussy wide and started licking and rubbing my clit and I soon reached a climax after which we enjoyed more sexy caressing before reaching for a couple of Glass dildos and I fucked Montse with a lovely cool glass penis and she moaned with pleasure as I slid it in and out then we licked all the pussy juice from its shaft then Montse grabbed the Red Spiral glass dildo and twisted it deep into my juicy cunt and fucked me to a wonderful climax, but its time now to introduce her to my Big Black Rabbit Vibrator, I switched it on and handed it to her and I sucked on her nipples as she fucked herself with the vibrator and she soon reached a very noisy climax then she handed it back to me and I slid it effortlessly into my juicy cunt and fucked myself to orgasm.

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