Slutty American T-Girls

Lançado em: 18 de dezembro de 2019 por Desperate Pleasures
T-girl rookies, Brittany Star and shemale girlfriend, Kunoishi, head to the gym to get a workout in. Their tiny shorts as high as they can go and sexy trannies have a tough time keeping their cocks hidden! TS Nikki Venus is a new T-girl on the market: tall, curvy, nice ass, cute face. After posing for selfies, she's nice enough to take a shower for us, lathering up, and fingering her loose asshole. She loves to tease! Kunoishi and TS Brittany Star, are preparing for a nice hot shower. They wash each other off, stroking cocks, and rubbing small tits. Eventually, they begin to suck one another, and a hot bareback scene is the result. Mature TS Jacquie Blu is cheating on her husband. Once her client shows up she opens her robe to expose her DD tits and tiny cock. Sloppy blowjob, raunchy anal sex, and a nasty bathroom creampie! Post-Op Lisa Lace does not disappoint. Lisa is an inked goddess: beautiful, soft, alluring, petite, big boobs, and 3 holes willing to be filled. Eager to show her skills, she gets pounded in several different positions by 2 studs!

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