Sofia Staks & Lynn Isuzo

Lançado em: 22 de março de 2016 por Rodney Moore Clips
"Bargain Boobs" featuring Sofia Staks, Lynn Isuzo and Rodney- In this classic scene from Leg Lust: Asian Lynn Isuzo works as a cleaning lady for Rodney's Shoe Store, and since it's a slow day, she gives him head. But they're interrupted when huge boobed Sofia Staks comes in to buy some heels. Lynn leaves, while Rodney shows Sofia some shoes. He offers her a foot massage, but when he starts sucking on her toes, she gets turned on, and gets naked. He plays with her massive melons as she sucks his cock, then he fucks her, first in her pussy, then up her ass. Finally, he cums all over her foot and her 50 pound breasts. Cleaning lady Lynn returns and cleans all the cum off with her tongue.

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