Spring Break Fuck Parties Volume Twelve

Lançado em: 28 de março de 2018 por Team Skeet
**Yoga** Three 18 yr old sluts decide to take a yoga class. They start off with some simple stretches and positions and slowly but soon the instructor gets a little more "hands on". He even rubs his dick on them when they aren't looking! Eventually the girls catch on to his game, gang up on him and turn the tables on this creepy, perverted instructor! **Sore Loser** 3 girls are having a video game competition and filming it. Stripping is part of this game and soon the girls are out of their panties! The girls are playing around half naked when one of their boyfriends walks in. They all jump on the couch and act as if they weren't sauntering around without clothes on. Now the real fun begins! **Drone Hunters** The girls are messing around in the pool when the creepy neighbor sends a drone over to spy on them. The drone crashes and they take it and the attached camera hostage! When the neighbor comes by to get it back, the girls stop him in his tracks. They start fucking with him, take down his shorts and give him more thrills than he ever dreamed possible! **Sleepover Surprise** This week we got a video submission from a father creeping on his stp daughter and her friends! He followed them into her bedroom and watched them get into their pajamas. When they were taking a nap that's when he made his move and snuck into the room, took out his cock and started messing with the sleeping teens!

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