Taboo Tales Volume 21

Lançado em: 2 de janeiro de 2012 por Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Frankie's Lesson Frankie was in Rachel's bathroom admiring himself. Rachel came home from a long day at the office. She saw him in there and asked what he was doing. He laughed and looked back in the mirror at himself. Rachel rolled her eyes. She did not care for his conceited attitude. Rachel told him she wanted to talk to him about his stuck-up attitude. Frankie did not think he had a problem. Rachel told him she would have to teach him a lesson. She wanted to humble him. She stripped him of all his bling and slammed him on the bed. Frankie was used to being in control, but clearly Rachel had his balls. She began to tease him, by slowly stroking his cock. He became silent as she knew he would. Rachel looked deep into his eyes as she took his cock in her mouth. Now she had him! She pulled her tits out and threw a leg over him to reveal her thigh high tan stockings and black lace thong panties. Frankie was used to young girls, but when he saw how sexy this MILF was under her office clothes, his cock was throbbing. Rachel sucked and jerked him until he stood up and blew his load in her mouth. Rachel opened to show him his cream and she let it drip out onto her tits. WOW! He had never had a MILF like this before. Scene 2 - Blackmailing Dad's Hot Girlfriend Paige was complaining about what a bitch her dad's girlfriend was, but Phillip confesses he wants to fuck the hot MILF. Paige found a porn magazine with Rachel on the cover. When Rachel came home, Paige flashed the magazine to her and threatened to tell her father. Rachel grabbed it out of her hands and told her to mind her own business. Phillip decided how to fix everything. He said if she let him fuck her, they wouldn't tell her secret. Rachel stormed to the bedroom. Paige and Phillip followed. Phillip took off his clothes and ordered the MILF to suck his cock. Rachel reluctantly obeyed as Paige watched. Soon Rachel was naked and Phillip mounted her, sliding his cock deep inside her pussy. After a few strong thrusts, she admitted it felt good. Paige was turned on and got her strap on, telling Rachel to get on her hands and knees. Paige fucked Rachel doggy style while she sucked Phillip's hard long cock. Rachel began to cum hard as they both fucked her. Phillip was ready to blow; he made Rachel jerk him off all over her face. Rachel took his load and then told them both it was never to happen again. Scene 3 - Two Cocks For MILF Rachel has had it with dating. She returned home from another dud date pissed off. Robert and his college friend Brian were home. Rachel bitched up a storm to them. She went to her room and called them in. She told them she could not take it and wanted them both to fuck her. Robert was shocked. Brian was not. Rachel slowly stripped off her clothes and told them to do the same. They were rock hard. MILF Rachel sucked Robert's hard-on first, and then she took turns sucking both cocks. Rob wanted her pussy, so he slowly fucked her while she sucked Brian. Rachel told Brian to fuck her next. Rachel sucked Robert while Brian fucked her to orgasm. Brian was so turned on, he yanked it out and shot his load all over Rachel's face. She loved it! Then Robert fucked her and shot his load all over her face, too. Rachel was so relieved to finally get fucked, especially by these two young studs. Scene 4 - MILF and the Inmate Rachel had been writing hot sexy letters to a young inmate for two years. They had never met. He promised her he would come to her when he was released. Rachel waited for him. The day arrived, and she was very nervous. The door bell rang, and Rachel opened it to find a big strong young man. She was very happy. He took one look at her and a bulge grew in his pants. They sat and admired each other sipping wine through the awkward silent moments. Rachel slipped away to change. She called him to the bedroom where she waited in white lace lingerie. Rachel grabbed his shirt and passionately undressed him. They fell to the bed. He kissed her lips and neck. Rachel threw her head back, inviting him to her pussy. Frankie licked her until she came fast. Rachel climbed on his cock and fucked him hard. She wanted his hot cum on her face, so when she felt he was ready, she pulled him out and jerked his load all over her face. The rest of the night was pure sexual heaven for both of them. It was worth the wait.

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