Teen Lezzies 3

Lançado em: 28 de maio de 2020 por Score
Teen Lezzies returns with the randiest, naughtiest batch of pussy-starved females yet! Ashley and Katlyn's argument over a photo escalates from a pillow fight into a warm, fuzzy friction with Katlyn bouncing wildly on a strap-on. Freckled-teen Tracy follows her curious friend Louise's coy requests to "be gentle," before easing a shiny, gold member into her tight, wet slot. Louise repays the favor by inserting a pronged dildo into Tracy's tiny cornhole as she writhes in giggly orgasm. A dead ringer for Chloe Sevigny, Nadia gets seduced by experienced, lezzie-slut Morgan. And Miss Larson, the math teacher, punishes her girl-loving pupil, Claire Marie, with a spanking. Then she gets a lesson in pink pleasure in this smokin' hot new release from 18eighteen Magazine.

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