The Night Crawler

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I was watching a film when the power went out. Everything went dark so I had nothing else to do but play with my cock. Tugging away, I heard a noise and to my surprise a hooded female appeared. She introduced herself as the Night Crawler and revealed that she liked to watch men play with their cocks. She was eager to help out so she squeezed my balls and wanked my cock. She rolled her shirt up so I could squeeze her massive tits before giving me a nice tit wank. She sucked me as I fingered her wet juicy cunt. Then she climbed on top of me and started bouncing up and down, riding me like a cowgirl. I bent her over, giving her a good doggystyle fucking. She then laid on her back, squeezing my balls while I wanked my cock. I shot my full load all over her hood and in her mouth. I wasn't done with her yet though. I bent her over, fingering her cunt before giving her a good flogging and whipping. I fucked her doggystyle once more and I could feel her squirting on my balls as she reached orgasm. She sucked all her juices from my thick shaft before laying me on my back and finally squirting her golden nectar all over my cock. Then she got dressed and disappeared into the darkness. The Dirty Doctor

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