Tish 1: A Whole Bunch Of Firsts

Lançado em: 22 de fevereiro de 2006 por Zcubed
MY FIRST VIDEO BLOW JOB: I was a few years younger in this first blowjob I had done on tape! Yikes! But I think you'll see that I have always enjoyed giving blowjobs! I was naked and my husband had a leather strap around his balls, which kept him nice and taut while I licked and sucked him till he couldn't take it anymore! When he was just about there I licked his head until he came and then I sucked out the last drops and tormented him with more pleasure! He loved it! And so did I! Slurp! BIRTHDAY BOY: Sexy stud, Tommy, was turning 28 today and asked if I could bring his Birthday Present by. This was completely spontaneous and I didn't really have anything to wear! But I figured I wouldn't be wearing anything for long so I slipped on some lacy black split undies and strappy sandals, tied my overcoat and went to his place for some fun with this hot tattooed birthday boy! And wow, he sure has a lot of experience for his years! He knew just what to do with me! You name it we did it! The afternoon was full of hot Doggie-style, Anal, and Oral ecstasy! He pounded me so much I could barely hold on! But you know I loved it! And I especially enjoyed tasting his explosive orgasm - and then sharing it with him! Oh I just love a guy that will kiss me after he's cum in my mouth! TRAVELING WITH TISH: We drove to beautiful Sedona to take some pics for my website and thought we'd turn on the video camera in the van as we traveled. My husband directs me to sit in the back while he drove, as I needed to change my clothes. Oh I was such a chicken! I just knew people could see me and I was a bit shy! At one point I struggle with a very tight pair of pantyhose and they sure don't slide on so well when you're sliding around on a leather seat yourself! My husband wouldn't turn off the video camera and had me sit there and play with myself! Of course I had some fun and even found a prop to use! Hey, I had to cool off! So enjoy the ride with me and see some of beautiful, colorful Sedona as well as an often-blushing Tish! HOTEL PARTY: Hot and sexy Nina joined me for some hotel party fun with a few friends! We enjoyed giving a double-tongued blowjob to a sexy guy that had previously joined me at the Gloryhole - we even talked about that a bit! I think young Nina got an education on Gloryholes that nite! I think that got him excited as well as he then came in my mouth and Nina and I licked and sucked him till there was no more! After that hot fun I had the pleasure of playing with a new friend - a lean, black, hung stud, whose cock just grows and grows! He was right, it was like Pinocchio! After knowing that all I wanted him to do was lie to me! LOL! He fucked my mouth again and again until he finally came and gave me a facial! Yummiest woody I've had yet! BALL SCRATCHING BLOW JOB: I wanted to share with you something I've found some men love yet I've never seen it done before! Believe it or not but some guys just go nuts when they get their balls scratched! Especially while getting a blowjob! My husband claims it's almost as good as sex! And if I'm not in the mood or tired, he's very happy with this treat, even without the BJ! So while he has his hands in my pussy and you can hear my wetness, I'll share with you what I've learned in the art of ball scratching! Now I do like to push it a bit and so I dig into his balls with my nails (Gomez really likes it hard!), while I'm licking, nibbling and sometimes even biting his balls and his cock! Simply stimulating him in so many ways, until he shoots his load and I lick it up! Mmmm good! CHRISTMAS GIFT: Last Christmas I decided to give a gift to one of my fans and so came upon a long strand of pearls that I kept in my special box! I unwrapped them and sent them to the winner, but not before having a little fun with them first! Merry Christmas!

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