Trisha Is Shaving Lady S

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Lady Sextasy had decided to visit My Happy Endings Massage parlour as she needed an intimate shave, her pussy was not as smooth as it should be, I started by gently washing the area before she spread her legs wide to allow me to lather up the area before I gently removed the stubble with my razor. Once cleanly shaved and the residual foam washed off I just had to test the quality of my work by licking the shaved area and going the extra mile by sucking on her clit, her pussy was getting nice and wet so I started fingering her she was getting excited and started squeezing my tits, things were certainly getting hot. I removed my Bra and Lady S wasted no time in sucking on my erect nipples and we were both soon hard at it caressing and sucking each other's tit's. Time to bring some oil into play, well That is my speciality, Oily Massage, and soon her body was covered with my sensual oil and I gave special attention to her juicy pussy. I fingered her pussy some more rubbing the oil inside her, I spread her pussy wide before bringing my slim pink vibrator into play which slid effortlessly into her eager and wanting cunt, I slid it in and out harder and faster until she reached her Happy Ending, I then sucked all her love juices off of the vibe and rubbed her pussy, another satisfied customer. Trisha xxx

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